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It may seem strange to think of golf as a sport that goes beyond relaxation or fun and consider it as an incentive for business or developer productivity in a company. Curious, but yes it is, theirs is a relationship between golf and business and it is fruitful.


How can this happen? According to experts, the practice of golf relaxes people and allows them to forget the worries of the office, a round of golf means being outside at least four or five hours, brisk walking at least six or seven miles all of which are excellent for the health of an individual.


Playing golf requires focus, encourages the talent and mind to see the effects of strokes, ability to plan actions, constantly making decisions (on the stick to use on the body's position on the range of motion etc ...), the need to make sense of what you do, reactivity and correct errors on the fly, very actions that go hand in hand with management skills. "If a golfer who develops these capabilities, then it is logical to help in other areas of their life."

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Formal relationship between two or more parties to pursue a set of agreed upon goals.

Ability of individuals, companies and entire countries continuously create their desired future


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Golf Passion, fun and relations, meaning of life.

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Learn how to detect errors, correct them and improve your game. Golf is a game, so tee up and have fun.

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